Youth Ministries

Youth App

Did you know that we have a youth app? Well we do! It’s called Church Center. We encourage all youth, young adults and their parents to download and sign up to be able to see what’s happening. In the fall we will no longer be using Facebook as a communication tool but will be using this app. If you have any questions or would like help getting into the app, please contact Pastor Sheldon.

Jr. and Sr. High Friday Youth Nights

This is a time when we will enjoy a variety of events designed to reach our youth in our community. For our core youth, this will be a time where youth leaders will walk alongside them to intentionally practice, apply, and live out their discipleship training. A time to experience God’s Word in action, in their lives and be Christ’s light to their peers. 

Sunday Morning Discipleship

We will have devoted Jr. High and Sr. High times to disciple, train, and teach our youth about God’s Word and the implications His truth has on our lives. 

Personal Discipleship

Youth Leaders will seek to meet with our youth to walk more closely with them in the challenges they face as they seek to follow Christ in every area of their life. If youth have a desire for this more in-depth discipleship please contact Pastor Sheldon


The Church Center App is the primary way to see event details (date, time, location, etc.), group members, parents, leaders’ contact information, get consent forms and other resources. 

You can also check the bulletin each week to get updates on events. 

Youth Prayer Warriors

We are looking for those that are no longer parents of teenagers but have a passion for this next generation to partner with us and surround our youth in prayer by taking opportunities to seek youth out to encourage them, pray for the youth throughout the week, and support our youth and their parents/families through prayer on Friday Youth Nights. Please contact Pastor Sheldon if you are interested or have further questions.

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