Volunteer Opportunities

Coffee Set-Up
Set up on Saturday evening and take-down at Sunday noon in Maxwell Centre Atrium. Please talk to Dorothy Hunt (443-5491) if you are interested in helping with this hospitality opportunity.

Welcome Team
Do you enjoy connecting with new people who come to church? Would you be interested in being part of our Welcome Team? Please call the church office, 443-3020 or email info@prairietab.com.

Meals with Dorm Students (September to June)
Do you enjoy hosting dorm students for a meal occasionally? If you have this gift of hospitality, please talk to Dave Amendt (403-443-0511).

Tech Ministry
Perhaps you have a hankering to try your hand at running the sound board or running a computer to project the songs and other video items for services. If you would like to check this out for either short or long term ministry please talk to John Mills (403-443-2047; ajohnmills@gmail.com) or Steve Honecker (403-443-2829; steve_honecker@sil.org).

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